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K. Marie Osinski, SESA Education Specialist


Anne K. Freitag, SESA Librarian

ASSEC, February 2008

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Links to Web Pages on Literacy and Related Topics


The Literacy Bill of Rights as a PDF:
The website is the Down Syndrome Association of San Diego, and they have other information as well.

Talking Point, I CAN:
This site has fact sheets and other resources online.

Down’s Syndrome Association (UK):
This site has articles in downloadable PDF version.

Down Syndrome Educational Trust (UK):
This is housed at the Sarah Duffen Centre. They offer training, publications, and they do research.

Also related to the Down Syndrome Educational Trust is a website that is still under development. It has some pilot materials available online (guides, activity sheets and record sheets):

And this page on teaching reading:

Four Blocks:
This website describes the Four Blocks Literacy Model, a framework for teaching reading. It uses guided reading, self-selected reading, writing and working with words. Find out more on their website.

Learning Magic:
This site has software for purchase, but it also has tips on using the software, and it has “goodies”, which are free downloadable files, mostly pictues and things that run on the software they sell (Intelli-Tools, Soft-Touch, Clicker5).

Center for Literacy and Disability:
The Center has the goals of improving literacy, increasing the development of assessment and instructional strategies, and understanding the relationship between literacy and communication. They have some downloadable resources.

Meville to Weville white paper:

Wisconsin Literacy Education and Reading Network Source, Assessing Print Understanding:
Discusses how determine the knowledge young children may have about books (concepts of print).

Access Technology at Madison Park, Recipe for Adapting Books (at the bottom of this page are a series of links):

Chard, David J., and Dickson, Shirley V. (1999) Phonological awareness : instruction and assessment guidelines.

Promising Practices Knowledge Base.


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